Mindfulness and Being in the Moment

When one tries to focus on too many things the task becomes overwhelming. We can’t see past all the rocks that make up the mountain. Just taking the first step, the goal seems one step closer. It is closer. Climbing the mountain is easier when we take it one step at a time and have the proper equipment to assist with the climb. Even more so when a guide comes along.
Being in the moment refocuses one’s intention into accomplishing the one thing that must be done to begin one’s objective toward the bigger goal. When we play golf and address the ball, it will often go awry when we overthink all the tasks, positions, head tilt, straight arms etc., that need to be considered. We lose sight of the idea that we’re out to play golf for the sunshine and exercise. Yet it all returns if we can just HIT THE BALL.
Our lives become overwhelming, mostly when so many stressors hit us all at once. Take some time to evaluate your strengths. Relook at your situation and your solutions. And then… just hit the ball.